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The soap
no frills

Our range of soaps

Where does SAO come from?

SAO comes from the word SOAP to which
the letters V and N have been removed.
All that remains is SAO, the main one!
What was of no use has been removed!

Just what you need to make a nice soap that foams and smells good, does good for your morale but also for the planet.

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Our engagements

Our cosmetic products will be

NO FRILL - 0% junk:

The ingredients that make up our soaps are all of natural origin, healthy and safe (no texturing agents, no polluting ingredients, no controversial substances, etc.).

Quality soap!

No more tightness of the skin after the shower. As someone who has atopic and very dry skin, it is very difficult for me to find a nourishing soap with an impeccable composition. I recommand it ! "

Suzanne A.

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Le Purifiant